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After many glorious years living in Italy, immersed in the dolce vita, followed by a successful career in the City of London, Laura Bridge, founder of Lava Spirits Co. realised that she needed to unleash her creativity and try something new.

Whilst walking her dog, Nala, around the quaint English village where she lives, Laura had plenty of time to think.  Her mind frequently returned to Italy, its culture, history and, of course, its food and drink.  


I have a love for the simple, restrained, perfectly-balanced flavour combinations so typical of the Tuscan table.  Memories of those years in Florence, and my attachment to those foods and flavours, led me to ponder the possibilities.”

Noticing the abundance of wild fruits growing in the hedgerows and fields surrounding her village, Laura started to forage and with her bounty, she began creating fruit infused gins at the kitchen table, much to all her friends’ and family’s delight!  Laura loves gin, so it was an obvious combination for her but then, winter came around, and the fruit supply dried up – so what else could she combine with gin?  

Back to Italy for inspiration, and fond memories of sipping delicious espressos in Tuscany’s hidden cafés, full of chatter and charm, led Laura to blend together coffee and gin, perfecting her alchemy until she was emulating the balance of flavours, she remembered so well. 

Lava Spirits Co. was born, inspired by Laura’s love of gin and a very Italian passion for really great coffee.  More than a year on, having sourced the best Premium London dry gin to complement the very finest artisan coffee, Laura is ready to share her coffee gins with the world… 

It is really only just beginning.  Follow Lava Spirits Co. for Laura’s spiritual journey.

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